Triad Nutrition And Fitness

Weight Loss, Nutrition and Personal Training Serving Long Island’s North Shore

Services are available in Roslyn, Port Washington, Manhasset and surrounding neighborhoods on the North Shore of Long Island.

Nutrition Counseling

Triad Nutrition And Fitness provides nutrition counseling in your home or office. Dr. Thomas L. Halton holds a Doctorate in Nutrition from Harvard University as well as a Masters Degree in Human Nutrition.  He passed the Certified Nutrition Specialist Examination offered by the American College of Nutrition and is a Certified Dietician/Nutritionist in the state of New York.

Personal Training

Triad Nutrition And Fitness provides personal training in your home or office.  Dr. Thomas L. Halton holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Science and is a Certified Personal Trainer by the American Council on Exercise.

Small Group Personal Training

We charge the same rate whether one, two, or three clients workout together.  Small group training saves money, provides extra motivation, and sometimes even a little healthy competition!

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Phone Coaching

If you live outside of our service area, don’t despair! Dr. Thomas L. Halton is available for phone consultations. He has created personalized nutrition and exercise programs with clients from coast to coast.  For more information about phone coaching, click here.

Lecture Services

Dr. Halton is also available to bring the latest research in nutrition, exercise science, and preventative health to your employees or organization. Contact us for more information.